Toronto-area Corporate Event Band

Yacht Rock and irresistible dance tunes

for your corporate shindig

Toes, get ready to tap. Feet, get ready to dance.

Those earworm tunes from the 70's are here!

The 1970's was an amazing time for music. Bands had shed the twang of the early sixties, inhaled the psychedelia of the late sixties, and went back to the studios where the collective talents of not only the big-name stars - Elton John for example - but that of the backing musicians shone through. Their individual experiences in blues, Motown, rock 'n' roll and jazz meant that tunes were crafted and honed from a rich collection of resources.

We are Absolutely Jack

What is yacht rock anyway?

Absolutely Jack is a corporate events band dedicated to delivering these toe-tapping, contagious tunes. We play yacht rock, which encompasses the softer-rock side of the 70's, tunes like "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Crofts and "You're Still the One" by Orleans. These classics are familiar to everyone - even those born decades later - and they aren't the standard top-100 bar songs.

According to Allmusic, the key attributes of yacht rock are:

  • keep it smooth, even when it grooves, with more emphasis on the melody than on the beat
  • keep the emotions light, even when the sentiment turns sad
  • always keep it catchy
  • generally focus on the "exhilaration of escape."

So come and escape with us for an evening. We have sets that are perfect as ambient background and others for getting people onto the dance floor.


It's your party...

...and we want to make it a great experience. Not just for your guests, but for you, the event planner. You need to be able to relax, knowing that every component of our performance, from initial interview, special song requests and scripting the music blocks and speech/award breaks, all the way through to site inspection, on-time arrival & setup, dynamic performance and efficient tear-down - all of this is handled professionally.

Who we are

Our lineup consists of highly-experienced musicians with great talent and personality. We bring in side players like extra vocalists and horns when needed. We also have a dedicated sound crew to ensure sound quality and levels  are always perfect.


We are based in Toronto and are able to play anywhere in the GTHA and even into Niagara and Cottage country.
Drop us a line at the email or phone number below to chat.

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